Clients Served: Women, straight couples
Base: Las Vegas, Nevada
Travel Available Yes - worldwide
Escort Type: Independent
Orientation: Straight
Status: Outcall
Profession: Professional male escort/companion for women and couples Professional crapshooter (dice/craps): win percent is 55 % low, 75 % high. I am very skilled in setting, gripping and throwing the dice. My betting style is conservative to moderate.

Investor - (Real Estate)
Age Range: 30s
Birthday: April 7th
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 200 lbs
Body: I am very healthy inside and out. I take good care of myself.
Build: Muscular/Athletic Former competitive bodybuilder. Won heavy weight title in 1995 in Hawaii - Mr. Hawaiian Islands State Competition; weight was 235 muscular pounds at the time. At one point, I wanted to become a pro bodybuilder but decided not to pursue it because of the heavy steroid and growth hormone usage that it would have taken to "get there". The time and money involved is also astronomical. It would have taken total commitment and sacrifice in my life. I really enjoyed those early years as a bodybuilder. It was great. I trained extremely hard back then. I have no regrets I pursued this endeavor at that time. It built a lot of character and work ethic in me.
Body Fat Percent: 10% year-round
Ethnicity: American (3/4 Italian and 1/4 Polish descent)
Skin Tone: Light Olive
Hair: Very Dark Brown, thick, luxurious, wavy, medium length
Eyes: Hazel
Chest: 48"
Bicep: 17"
Waist: 33"
Hips: 39"
Body Hair: Smooth/shaved except below belt area (Happy Trail)
Endowment: XL, thick (9" length, 7" girth), extra large head, cut with nice shape
Zodiac Sign: Aries Sun (FIRE)
Scorpio Ascendant (WATER)
Moon in Taurus (EARTH)
Venus in Taurus (EARTH)
Mars in Taurus (EARTH)
Personality: Easy-going, goal-setter, challenge-seeker
Cologne: Valentino
Clothing size: Shirt: XL
Sleeve: 35"
Neck: 17 "
Jacket: 52"
Pants: 31" inseam, 34" waist
Shoe: 12
Languages: English
Passport: Yes (current)
Smoking: Nonsmoker
Drinking: Socially, one drink
Drugs: Non-user
Diseases: None
Background Check: No criminal record
Tattoos: None
Piercings: None
Favorite Cars: Aston Martin DBS 2006 6.0 liter V12 from the movie "Casino Royale" (in metallic blue), white Rolls Royce, red Ferrari and midnight blue Viper
Favorite Cuisine: Sushi (raw Salmon from Scotland)
Favorite Color: Burgundy
Favorite Timepiece: Rolex timepiece
Favorite stone: Ruby
Favorite Drink: Guinness, Johnny Walker Blue
Favorite Music: Blues, Rock n Roll, Jazz, Classical, Oldies, Heavy Metal
Interests: Being successful throughout my life, having great sensual experiences, getting a deep tissue massage, investments, art shows, auctions, horse races, equestrian events, wine tastings, cuisine tastings, travel, concerts, plays, fine dining, cinema, luxury transportation/flying on a private luxury jet, luxury cars and fast cars
Activities Not Yet Done but Desired: Riding a black stallion or a beautiful, powerful horse, cruising on a 300+-ft. yacht , elephant riding, camel riding, scuba diving, snowmobiling, flying in a super fast luxury jet plane, speedboating and riding a waverunner
Activities: Movies, fine dining restaurants, upscale clubs, resort spas, concerts, traveling to unusual places, opera, pool, darts, horseshoes, wine tasting events, food tasting events, museums, cruises, sightseeing, natural hot springs and erotic massage
Physical Activities: Exotic location mountain hiking, horseback riding, golfing, bodybuilding, brisk walking, running, target shooting, dancing (nightclub), night swimming, swimming in beautiful waterfalls or exotic hidden lagoons, treading water in a deep pool or ocean
Hobby: Craps - dice/gambling - I am a professional crapshooter, a Golden Arm Champion, and have held the dice for 30 minutes on many occasions and for over an hour on more than one occasion. My win percentage in gambling is between 55 (low) and 75 percent (high). I am looking for a huge backer to fund my dice-throwing skill. I make 50 percent, backer makes 50 percent.
Rides: Huge roller coasters, huge Ferris wheels, cruises, submarines, flying on a luxury private jet, helicopters, waverunners, speedboats, red Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Aston Martin or Maybach