History of Male Escorts

Giovanni Giacomo Casanova Albanase de Seingalt (Aries, April 2, 1725 - June 4, 1798):

He was born in Italy and his name is still synonymous with the seductive arts. He was known as "the world's greatest lover." He reputedly spent time with 200 different females. He is still famous two full centuries after he died.

Porfirio Rubirosa (Aquarius, January 22, 1909 - July 5, 1965):

The most notorious gigolo/playboy/womanizer was Porfirio Rubirosa, of Dominican descent, the highest paid lover on the planet who had a legendary 11-inch organ and reputedly serviced celebrities such as the richest woman in the world, Doris Duke, second-richest woman in the world, Barbara Hutton, actress/model Jane Mansfield, actress Ava Gardner, actress Zsa Zsa Gabor, actress Rita Hayworth, Eartha Kitt, Empress Soraya, Eva Peron, Veronica Lake and Dolores del Rio. Ian Fleming’s James Bond persona and the lead character in Ian Fleming’s book were derived from Rubirosa. He was married five times.

His first wife, oldest daughter of General Rafael Trujillo Martinez , dictator, was Flor de Oro (1932-1937). His womanizing was the cause of the dissolution of the marriage.

His second wife was Danielle Darreaux, a French actress; the marriage lasted only five years.

His third wife was billionairess, Doris Duke, the richest woman in the world at that time. When Ruby got a divorce from Doris because of his numerous infidelities, Duke missed Ruby terribly. She offered him $2 million to remarry her and he declined. Doris Duke carried a special feeling in her heart for Ruby and placed his pictures throughout all of her homes. Ruby was a showman. When they got married at the wedding ceremony Ruby showed great panache and élan by retrieving beautiful, rare rubies from his pocket to symbolize his nickname. When she died, her personal financial worth was estimated at $8 billion.

His fourth wife was Barbara Hutton. Ruby married the second-richest woman in the world, Barbara Hutton, his fourth wife, whom he cost $65,000 per day. She bought him the biggest coffee plantation in the Dominican Republic. The marriage lasted 10 weeks, from which he received a small plane and five polo horses.

His fifth wife was 19-year old actress Odile Rodin while Rubirosa was 42 at the time. He was faithful to her until his untimely death in 1970 at the age of 56.

He was skilled at multiple endeavors. He played tennis, was a diplomat, soldier, adventurer, chef, world-class polo player and treasure hunter. He also raced in the LeMans circuit in his Ferrari. He loved to dress to perfection, taking care to get manicures and pedicures. He was the only polo player to wear an ascot and used honey on his skin for moisturizing.

He became a member of the international jet set.

He died unfortunately at age 56 in Paris by crashing his Ferrari into a tree which crushed his chest, killing him.

He regretted but one thing in his life, which was that he was unable to have children due to having contracted mumps as a child, rendering him sterile.

His funeral was attended by Dukes, Barons, Counts, politicians, moviestars, filmmakers, dressmakers, two of the Kennedys’ sisters and fellow playboys.