"He is a delicious, electrifying, lusty animal, who knows exactly how to mesmerize and seduce a female to the heights of ecstasy. I loved to run my fingers through that thick, lustrous, wavy, shiny, beautiful dark brown hair, feel that unbelievable mushroom-shaped organ, feel that tiny firm, high, hard butt, gorgeous latissimus dorsi muscles, armor-plated gladiator pecs, biceps, those beautiful well-defined abs, that smooth olive complexion, mesmerizing eyes and manly voice! He just leaves you gasping, dizzy and wishing it would never, never end. I have never experienced this sky-high level of pure lust. Being with him is like eating fine, smooth, Belgian chocolate or drinking Crystal. He was worth it! You just want to bite him and grab all of his body parts (you know what I mean, don't you?) and hang onto them He was hung like a horse! He gave me goose bumps, a pounding heart, made me shake, yell, scream, moan, pant and more. DON'T MISS this chance of a lifetime (to blast off!)"

One satisfied female from Egypt!