What type of services do you provide?
Intimate (full service), for all your pleasure needs and private escort/accompanying travel services (NOT full service), for events, private parties, private business meetings, bodyguard and chauffeur

Are your services confidential and safe?
Yes, completely. Your information is not shared with anyone and safety is my priority, for both you and myself. I discard/shred all written or programmed-in information (Blackberry memory, for example), emails, faxes, personal computer entries, scanned information, handwritten notes, personal information (unless you express an interest in repeat patronage).

Do you use protection?
Always, with no exceptions.

For whom are the services you provide?
Women and straight couples

Do you provide services for straight couples?
Yes and I am STRAIGHT. I do not have explicit telephone conversations.

Would you provide your services for a woman who is 60+ years of age?

Why am I doing what I am doing?
I enjoy the intimacy and adventure and meeting interesting, unique people.

What can I expect during our intimate session together?
A good looking man who can provide pleasant conversation, your dream fantasy and fulfillment of your ultimate desires. Just tell me what you want (within reason)

Do you have good stamina (staying power)?
Yes, I do. I am heavily into the tantric arts which taught me about staying power. I can put on the brakes or step on the accelerator at will. I eat a very good diet and supplement myself with good Chinese herbs, vitamins and amino acids. They keep me strong and healthy. I run, jog and lift weights several times (minimum) each week to keep circulation strong, thinking clear and muscles toned. Just the thought of the newness of seeing a different naked woman makes me get hard and stay hard. My libido is very strong.

What kind of clients do you prefer?

  1. Extremely rich, generous women
  2. Upscale businesswomen
  3. Upscale couples
  4. Power women
  5. Classy women
  6. Racehorse owners, breeders and competitors
  7. CEOs
  8. Real estate developers
  9. Inventors/entrepreneurs
  10. Wall Street stockbrokers
  11. Self-made billionairesses, millionairesses
  12. Investors

Why are your rates so high?

  1. My goal is to cater to jet-set wealthy women and couples who so desire a QUALITY straight male escort. I have created a discriminating niche for this particular elite caliber of female/couples inclined to patronize my type of services.
  2. It costs me time and a lot of money to build, maintain, and constantly improve, market and advertise my website.
  3. I have a hard-to-find combination of pertinent, specific, important physical endowments, very good genetics and skills/know-how that women definitely appreciate.
  4. I like to deal with very few clients and ones that are of high-end caliber.
  5. I am a quality independent straight male escort, which makes me even rarer. I do not work for an agency, therefore it is easier to reach and contact me directly. Clients do not have to sift through hundreds of escorts on a male escort database to see my pictures and information.
  6. There are very few of us out there working the high-end straight male escort for women and straight couples markets. The top 5% of the entire escort population work this high-end market.
  7. I have spent years taking care of my body with weight training, diet and exercise.
  8. I have lots of experience dealing with women and couples.
  9. I am physically extremely well-built and also very well-endowed.
  10. The cost to maintain myself is very high with weight training requiring a high-quality protein diet and living expenses.
  11. My time is limited; "time is money."
  12. A man has to perform under all conditions.
  13. There is a lower volume of wealthy women clients in the world than there are wealthy men clients. A male escort may work once in many months where as the female escort may operate on a higher call volume due to this factor.
  14. I have to pay tax on the earnings.

What makes my services so special?

  1. I have a lot of experience dealing with women and couples
  2. I know how to pleasure my clients.
  3. I am very attentive.
  4. I am charming and chivalrous.
  5. I am very well spoken and confident in myself.
  6. I am a polite, well-mannered and prompt person.
  7. I am well groomed and impeccably well dressed.
  8. I am a great dancer.
  9. I know how to order the right wines.
  10. I know how to handle myself in any situation.
  11. I offer an unforgettable experience.
  12. I have a great physique and am well-endowed.
  13. Because I am in such meticulous health/physical shape, I function superbly and have great longevity. I do brisk walking a minimum of three to four times per week for my cardiovascular exercise. This greatly increases circulation throughout my entire body.

Why do women and couples patronize male escorts?

  1. The husband or boyfriend arranges it to surprise the wife or girlfriend, or as a birthday or other event present.
  2. They just want to try out another man after being married to the same man for many, many years (change of "scenery" so to speak).
  3. They want a good looking man to show off to their friends or coworkers.
  4. They are too choosy, picky or specific about what they like physically in a guy to go with regular, run-of-the-mill guys; they need the "Rolls Royce" of men to fulfill their desires.
  5. They started BHRT (bioidentical hormone replacement therapy) and/or weight lifting/regular exercise, both of which restore the body's balance and facilitate increased libido.
  6. They are around a stimulus in their environment such as handsome but unavailable men, which entice them.
  7. They look at it as a novelty, a lark, or a fun, adventurous, one-time thing to do.
  8. They are celebrating a windfall, accomplishment, etc. of some sort.
  9. They are nymphomaniacal or have high libidos.
  10. They want the attention their husbands are too busy to give.
  11. They have a psychological issue (discontent with self image, desire for power over men, etc.)
  12. They are too busy with demanding careers or demanding husbands to have time to seek the right guy who is in shape, good looking and has a nice physical endowment, etc.
  13. They are attracted to other women rather than men but want an effective "smokescreen" for their social occasions, business meetings, etc.
  14. They are bored; they have already hiked Mount Everest, seen Disney World, been to Paris, etc.
  15. They have a husband or boyfriend whose fantasy involves watching another man with their wife/girlfriend.
  16. They want a male escort or host for a social accompanying event such as lunch, dinner, theater, business, trade show, nightclub or party.
  17. They could be celebrating a break-up or divorce.
  18. They are into voyeurism; women or couples like to watch.
  19. High-class female escorts-courtesans also hire high-class male escorts- courtesans for the same treatment they give to their clients. It's energizing, refreshing and healing to receive this special treatment from an expert.
  20. They are curious and want to see what it's like to be with a classy Italian male escort.
  21. The woman may be having problems with her mate (defective organ, insufficient length/width to do the job or has an organ malfunction).
  22. The woman or couple want to hire a good-looking, well-endowed Italian male escort for adventure and pleasure.
  23. The woman's mate is not interested in love-making, has a low libido due to working too many hours, sickness or stress.
  24. Lack of love-making in her relationship.

What is your definition of a male courtesan?
My definition of a high-class genuine male courtesan: a person who genuinely cares about a woman in every way, makes her feel special and is more concerned about giving her a mental, emotional, spiritual and physical experience for her to remember. He is not there for the sole purpose of money he will receive. He is there as a total body healer, great masseur/ relaxer, to provide intimacy, connection, passion, humor, fun, pleasure and romance, companionship, trustworthiness, safety, to be a friend, to make her feel good about herself, to help her in any way he possibly can.
The money that he shall receive will allow a courtesan to give him freedom in his life but is not his full purpose of doing what he does. He is concerned about all of her, her body, but more concerned about her inner beauty, soul and personality, her beliefs and values in life, what's important to her, and in how she carries herself in the world, her self esteem and how she presents and carries herself in this world and how she brings joy to others in this world. He loves everything about a woman, knows a lot about a woman's needs and desires. A male courtesan is also someone who is very good looking, neat and well-groomed, well-built, well-endowed, classy, independent, "a lady's man" and takes care of his body and a woman's body, knows about the world, is experienced in the bedroom, is educated, is a traveler, knows how to dress properly, knows how to handle himself in most situations, knows how to control his temper at all times.
He is there to be a secret partner to fully satisfy the most discerning wealthy woman who patronizes him for his services. A male courtesan gets the most pleasure from the joy and happiness he creates and the impact he has on her life.